My Candle Stand !

“Switch on the solar lantern” yelled my mom !

Being a very “intelligent” guy I made my way all through the bedroom to the living room just with the help of my mobile flash light…. finally reached the lantern……. since I don’t usually come out of my room and do these kinda stuff, I couldn’t really find out why it was not working even though I used all my energy to switch on that stupid red switch !!!!

Nope.. it didn’t work !!! so… just like a true Indian… I patted it all over hoping something might trigger the lantern…… it still didn’t !!! I was in the verge of doing more than just patting !!! how about some bashing….. but mom was back… she started off with her usual “you are useless…” lecture…. so… I was on my way back to my room…. almost a dozen foot steps….. ufff…… 2 idlys got digested there !!! but no….. how can a mom ever be sympathetic to her son who spends more time with his computer than his mom !!!

“Go and get candles from the shop…… we are out of candles” came the command… “and also try to get a candle stand if any… I don’t want any more “waxing” on my furniture !!!”

so I started off with my expedition… almost 0.4 kms…… on my 2 wheeler !!! another 4 idlys down the drain !!!! finally reached the shop……. bought the candles….. and being an “extra intelligent” guy…. I even bought a match box !!!! remembered about the candle stand…. that shop didn’t have any… but the shop guy gave some free advice on where all I can stick that candle’s ass without making a fuss……!!!

Anyway… i didn’t lose hope… took a deep breath and went to the extent of asking about a candle stand in all the “four” shops in the street… just by walk… didn’t even take my bike !!!!

but… this world is not fair to truly hard-working souls….. I didn’t get any !! just when I was about to get back to my house… bingo…!!! kya idea sir ji !!!

I had finally bought a candle stand !!!

So…….. went back home with full pride and honor……!!!

I gave the candles and the matchbox to mom…. I dunno why she stared at me as if I had done something stupid when i gave her matchbox ! anyway… I gave her the candle stand…….. but then came the most unexpected reaction……… she kept it in the fridge and yelled at me to go back to my room and get on with whatever I was doing !

within 2 days our house was powered with a brand new hi-fi inverter !!! so that we never need a candle again.. to be more precise… I never get a candle stand again !!!

But… even today… I don’t understand what the hell was wrong with my candle stand !!!! A 4 kg chocolate chip cookie cake with dark chocolate crust will serve as a candle stand right ??? !

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3 thoughts on “My Candle Stand !

  1. Good one….liked it!! It was total fun read…..!! 😀

    • oh so sweet of u nish !!!! after begging you a million times u READ !!! 😛 and bonus… u even went on to the extent of commenting 😀 😀 nice 😛 😉 Keep up the good work !

  2. Just be thankful that I did read!! So far…it looks like only i took pity on u!! 😛

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