… abstract distorted light !

Abstract light !

Capture this.

You see a deserted road with shops closed. There’s no one around except a few stranded nomads crept in their blankets as they sleep on the footpath. Dogs stare at you and then go back to sleep. Probably they know you’re just there in your subconscious dream, and mean no harm to them or the street ! You feel you have dreamed about this before, but you continue to walk through. There’s a strange misty texture in the air and you can feel the chilled mist floating and soaking into your skin ! But you know this is all not real, and that this a dream, so you walk on !

As you approach that single well-lit shop at the end of the street, you are tempted to check out what it is ! You see a placard there saying “We are open”, so you enter !

The shop is well-lit, but you turn around and you see nothing ! Its empty with just a glass of water on an antique round, tiny table. There’s a sudden rush in your throat and it runs dry, making you yearn for that only glass of water around ! As you head for that glass of water, you stop for a while and wonder if you are thirsty just because you saw a glass of water or you’re heading for the water because you are indeed thirsty  ! But somehow you ponder over why there’s nothing else in the whole well-lit shop but just that  glass of water ! It can’t be that easy…  Now you want to see what this shop is about, so you try to go out and check out for the board… But just then, as you open the door, you are out of your dream and you’ll never know !

But would you ever know that you’re dreaming when you’re deeply in one ? I’ll never know !

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