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Tweeting at a Blog !

I know…. I am such a pain in the… “you know where” ! Was just wondering if I can tweet in my blog… turns out… I can… because there’s no one to STOP me.. I OWN this 😛 But at the cost of losing the couple of readers I have ? well…. I realized I anyway don’t have readers… So why Bother ?! Let me just go ahead a tweet !

“I just tweeted on my blog” !

There you go… that was my tweet !!!

PS: Just trying to increase the Blog Posts Count 😉

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Black & White or Blackened White !

Blackened White !

Colors… Primarily Black and White have always fascinated me ! Specifically Black has always had a special fondness, may be because I look less bulky in Black ! But, I somehow love the Color Black in whatever I opt, with a few obvious exceptions ! 😉 My subconscious just works in Darkness I suppose, that should explain all the dark deeds.

There’s a popular cliche which says, No one is born a Criminal, He/She chooses to become one ! No wonder its a cliche, because it makes sense ! Also what makes more sense is that, Black is always associated with something Bad, Rustic, Unfortunate, Evil and incessantly, Death ! But also, Black has always maintained a special place for Temptations !!! Darkness always tempts ! Nights, Chocolates, Black Cars to mention a very few.

But then again, White hasn’t really been throwing itself upon us, but we ourselves choose it for a more subtle and lasting impressions ! Everything we start, will be pure and white; and usually when it ends, it will be as dark as Black ! You think its Not ? Well, the word Exceptions is there in the Dictionary for a reason 🙂 Isn’t it ?

One of my friend asked me what the hell am I writing in Blogs. Its just some random insane thoughts ! But then, what else would you call Blogging ?

The reason I had this flow of thoughts is because I heard someone say “he is so evil ! He’s like the Dark Lord !” about one of my friends ! I just wondered, if a person as good as him can be called a Dark Lord, then I guess, Being Black or White is just subjective ! Its almost always about Blackened White !

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