The Chetak Diaries : Part – I, Year 1994 !!!

The Chetak Diaries, Kishore On Shore

The Chetak Diaries

Battle of Haldighati has found an eternal place in World History for the epitome of Bravery and Chivalry displayed by the Rajput Emperor Pratap Singh Mewar, mostly referred to as Maharana Pratap. A major chunk of the credit, as per the legends go, goes to his extraordinary horse Chetak.

In our school, we had a poem in Hindi and just a couple of lines in it would describe Chetak quite conveniently. This is how it goes:

Aage nadiya padi apaar….  ghoda kaise utaare paar !

Rana ne socha iss paar…. tab tak chetak tha uss paar !!!!

That’s how legendary Maharana Pratap’s Chetak was. Now, there are a million Chetaks and each have their own Legends ! Many still ride it with the same fervor while others just park it in their garage hoping it to turn into an Antique model soon, which I believe will take at least another couple of decades ! It was Maharana Pratap’s Chetak then, and now it’s Bajaj’s Chetak !

I was crying bloody murder as I had smashed my head on a window and a piece of the metal had pierced into my forehead ! As if the wound wasn’t hurting enough, I had to get loads of my mom’s evergreen and ever-effective look “get-well-soon-and-you-will-get-a-real-handful-from-me” !!! She yelled, screamed and did a million other things simultaneously as she hurriedly dragged me to the nearest clinic (which was again like a million kilometers far, keeping in mind the current situation). She “requested” the others waiting outside the clinic to allow her  “immediately” to take her son to see the doctor. Probably she dared anyone to stop her from doing so just by her “look” ! A couple of gentlemen out there made way and offered to carry me, but she held me so tight that it wasn’t the wound hurting anymore. We were now inside the doctor’s dungeon ! The Hell… and The Satan with a rubber pipe hanging around his neck !

I had probably stopped crying by then just to dial down the frenzy, so that the stupid doctor doesn’t take any drastic decisions like Syringes and Stitches ! I knew, because it obviously wasn’t the first time !

The doctor checked the fresh wound quickly and comforted my mother that it’s nothing serious, and that there was nothing to worry. Probably this is when she loosened the way she was holding my hands and I could see a tiny drop of tear somewhere around her eyes. It could have been just a sweat bead ( NO.. it wasn’t). Being the Attention Mongering Moron that I am (yes.. since then), I started to dial up the tone of crying just so that they know that the wound is not really that simple. It was huge and it was bleeding and hurting and everything !

“He’ll just need a couple of stitches and he’ll be perfectly fine” said the Satan and I witnessed my worst nightmares unraveling itself right in front of my eyes.  I damned myself for over-doing the dial-up and dial-down of the theatrics. Just then, he went in somewhere to get his torture weapons, and I looked at my mom. I managed to give the cutest look like a little wounded puppy with sagging eyebrows and was just about to say something but the devil was back by then. Mom had got what I was about to say, so she asked the doctor “Doctor, he gets very upset by syringes.  Please make sure it doesn’t hurt.” and then she looked at me and continued ” We will have ice cream after this…!” I was shocked, who said anything about syringes. He was only about to stitch the wound. Why is she giving ideas to the devil…! Only later did I realize, that the torture has to start with the syringe so that the torture with the needle wouldn’t hurt much…! What an irony !!! Doctors are supposed to be intelligent I thought !

All this while I had kind of managed to forget about crying, but when he took out that syringe, I beat my own record in crying. I am sure the birds’ family on the tree outside the clinic got relocated somewhere else… immediately ! I don’t remember what happened after that, but when I woke up, there was a big, heavy load of cotton and all that bandage stuff stuffed on my wound ! It wasn’t hurting anymore, but why take attention off my wound ??! So, I just made some sympathy sounds now and then, to retain the attention ! Before I could strangle the devil with his own rubber pipe that was hanging around his neck, mom was taking me outside the cabin. For some reason, she made me sit outside in the waiting lounge again !

Thoughts of the traumatic last few minutes flashed in my mind again, and I wondered if I have to go through all of that again ! I never even realized that the doctor had given me a chocolate. I didn’t want to eat that right there in the Devil’s own territory. It would have hurt my ego ! So, I hid it back in my pocket !

But, just then, that very moment, I heard a sound that made all my miseries go away in a whisker ! I forgot about the wound. I forgot about the devil and his stupid cotton factory on my forehead ! I freed myself from my mom’s hand, jumped from the couch and ran towards the gate and yes, I was right. There comes my Dad’s scooter. The green, Bajaj Chetak. My own Maharana Pratap was arriving majestically riding his Chetak ! I stood near the gate jumping like a monkey waiting to complain every single thing about every single person who made me go through that trauma.

Mom followed me and held my hand tightly again, shouting not to cross the road. Dad then crossed the road in his scooter and came right in front of us. I started yelling out some crap as I hurriedly hopped on the scooter in the space between the front seat and the back seat. There was no seat there technically, but I was always made to sit there. Mom would then sit in the backseat. I would be sandwiched between then. I loved it. I hugged my dad’s back and held him tight. Mom sat behind me as usual and somehow, she still managed to hold me tight just the way she had been doing for the last 1 hour.

That very moment, dad riding the Chetak, me hugging him tight and knowing that mom is right behind me holding me firmly, was a luxury. It was not about the wound anymore. I wished to get more wounds often so that I could get “this” much more often. Also, and more importantly, more of sympathy Ice Cream, which tastes more heavenly than the regular ice cream !!! 😛

This was not really about the scooter, but the moments that our Chetak offered to families like ours. The warmth, the comfort, the affection and in one word, Love.

End of Part I

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41 thoughts on “The Chetak Diaries : Part – I, Year 1994 !!!

  1. Veena Gopal says:

    Nand….I really liked this blog :)….I am sure u took many of us down the memory lane…one of the most beautiful and best stage in our life… they say childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s season….but the tragedy is that its the short season in our life 😦 ….

    I loved the way u started this and its a nice feeling and pleasure reading this….will eagerly look forward for the part II…:) 🙂 :)….

    • Thanks Veena 🙂 You have really been a great support ! Used a lot of your feedback from my earlier posts !

      Yes, the phase seems very short ! That’s one of the reasons I used those two lines in the intro 🙂 the river actually represents time ! 🙂 🙂

      … and even I am waiting to publish the next part !!!! wondering what to write 😉 😛

  2. bindu menon says:

    How cute ! how sweet ! ..Your blog posts always take me down this sweet nostalgic memory lane..I always look at my Son and give him a loving smile (I always do it otherwise too) after reading your post..The similarity of situations written down by you, arouses so many mixed emotions in me..the visit to a doctor for my son is always an emotional trauma for me..Latest one was a few deep bruises on his knee cap, forehead,upper arms..which he managed to get while climbing down an almost running bus..Just at the look of the doc coming near him with the spirit coated cotton wool made him scream and yell and which the doctor asked him politely..whether my son would kick him..but then I was in tears already , watching the pain in his eyes..the syringe full of tetanus dose..which pierced him..and the cleaning of the wounds by the doc. all so fresh in my mind..the pamperings that followed for a few days..which he relished and enjoyed to the maxim..

    Regarding the chetak scooter..of course it was the most perfect scooter ever..My maternal uncle owned one..a sky blue coloured one..I took many rides behind his back to icecream parlours and temples..How I hopped behind his back, is a deeply cherished memory..I used to wait for vacations for such a chance..In a little frock with two plaits and a matching ribbon..and a broad smile.. when I and my cousin were taken for a ride on this blue chetak..the way my uncle kick started it..I used watch in awe..the smoke coming out .. and were allowed to press the horn occasionally..Again teary eyed .. I am , coz my uncle too is no more..An ex military .. he looked so very handsome riding the Chetak..It is lying at the back side of his house..with almost the paint and a few parts gone and rusted..rain water collecting in the rusted hollows..I avoid having a look at it whenever I visit my aunt’s house in Kerala..

    Nand Kishore..So well written..As always..You brought so many memories back into my mind again..about Once upon a time scooter called Chetak..and my son’s tantrums at the doctors clinic..much to the bewilderment of our family doc..hehehe :))

    Thank you !

    • Thank you so much Bindu 🙂 🙂 You know you are among the first set of people I await comments from ! and also a little nervous at the same time wondering if you would like it 😀

      The very reason I take up these topics is because I know there will be many who can identify themselves with it !!! Again in this case, may not be just the Bajaj Chetak, but the affection that has gone into years of establishing a happy and content family 🙂

      My father’s scooter is still in absolute kick-ass condition !!! 🙂 I feel bad when people say they get upset seeing things that could brush up their old memories and feel sad that the present of those things or people is not the same anymore.

      The very fact that the person/that artifact is remembered tells you that it has served the purpose and has moved on ! and that’s a happy thing !!!

      So lets welcome any kind of cheerful / sour memories with an open heart because there were some precious moments that led us to them !!!

      Really thank you so much for reading it 🙂 🙂 and I hope I can come up with more such readable posts 🙂 🙂

      • bindu menon says:

        Hey ! Honoured Me ! Such topics are the ones I like and Prefer to read.. Glad to know that your dad’s scooter is in a good condition..Lucky you !
        Happy and sour memories..there are many..I equally cherish my sour memories too..the pangs of pain I get when i remember those moments..humbles me further..and makes me realize again and again.. how precious is Our Life..Sour moments of utmost pain are a must in everyone’s life to be thankful to the Almighty for our being here on this earth..So let us all make Our living Worthwhile..And YESS do come up with similar posts..I will be utmost happy and glad and joyous to go through them..Kudos to you..Keep going..and will sure mention about our Common Friend and Gentleman Shri Pradeep Shetty (I know He hates such mentions) hehe :))

        • … and such topics are the ones i cherish to write 🙂 yes yes… his scooter can still somehow carry me as well 😉

          about pradeep…. he’s no more actually… he’s somewhere floating over the clouds 😉

  3. Shubathara says:

    Nandu, this post has come up just coz you went with your dad yesterday. 🙂
    But, its lovely… 🙂
    Loved it… 🙂

  4. Again ..I must say..the childhood experience has been expressed very beautifully! For me, what is the most fascinating thing is the whole connection between Chetak (the horse) and the modern Chetak (Scooter) and how the memory of this takes you down the memory lane… Well Done! Cheers!

  5. Nandy….I LOVED this post!! I could relate to everything…..especially the feeling towards doc !! childhood is done but my feelings towards doctors haven’t changed much esp. whenever they think of showing off their syringe !! 😉 😉

    And the scooter…..I miss it so much!! reading this blog I almost felt like going right to my dad and telling him lets go in his ever-young scooter !!!!

    After couple of your disaster blogs this certainly has made a mark! 😉
    Great job!!

  6. Vadiya 🙂 Beautifully written ! There was a vespa in my house which is not much different.

    But it definitely had a seat in between 🙂 more luxurious ! The best part I loved in this was when you confessed that you are indeed an Attention Mongering Moron 😉 Couldn’t have agreed more 😉 Really !

  7. shishir says:

    Nandy well written and pretty good imagination about the Satan with a rubber pipe…!!! 😀
    Firstly, your article really helps recap the past.. “chetak”……oh yea!!!!! there is noway I can ever forget my dad’s scooter. The more interesting part was its horn and the skill of sliding the scooter to the ground and kick starting it. 🙂 :)….!!!!
    Secondly, the ice cream with sympathy agree on that totally and you yaaa i can imagine….!!!!

    But dude I still wonder how you manage getting between the front and back seats though???

  8. Nagashri says:

    Very beautifully narrated arjun…:) When i started, just thought, ur narrating the wound that I did at Divya’s place…:P
    And yeah as u say, being sandwiched between the two living God is truly a great feeling…..:) (My God, having goosebumps now ) I miss our vespa n those days…But…. u have ur Chetak , but cant be sandwiched between the two anymore….;) 😛 😛

  9. hahaa…. yapppaaaa…. that was not the forehead kane… it was the Eye… very much right in the Eye !!! 😛 and yeah…. sandwich is not possible 😛 too much of cheese has spoiled the sandwich… !!! but glad the chetak is still in the same condition !!! 🙂

  10. Vijay Dutt says:

    gee… so many comments and i am the second guy commenting, no wonder :P… great read dude loved it… keep it up…

  11. divenita says:

    Good one:) came through blogadda..mine was selected as well.. 😀

    • Thank you DIvenita 🙂 I just checked out your post on Ganpath Rao… that’s a very sweet little heart-warming story 🙂 Now I am gonna watch out for more posts from you 🙂 Keep up the great work !

  12. Bindu Juneja says:

    Enjoyed reading it. Specially liked the beginning, emotions well described at doc’s clinic and ending sweetly with that nostalgia

    • Thank you so much Bindu 🙂 I’m really glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 It was very nostalgic for me as well when I wrote it… I’m now glad that i could get the same expressions out of you as a reader !!!!

      Please do visit again sometime next week, I will have a next part to this trilogy 🙂 Thanks

  13. Sushma Bhat says:

    Good one Dodo:):)…finally sum sensible stuff from u rather than inane posts;)ha ha…Yeah..My dad is still crazy about his scooter..and we miss all the rides:(…And the most beautiful feeling is that even a brand new car/bike bought from UR money simply cannot/will not beat the novelty of riding in ur Dad’s “Chetak”:):):)

  14. radhakrishna says:

    Nice one dude!! Inspiring to say the least..
    Btw, I was sandwiched between my dad n bro, on the younger bro of Chetak though, bajaj Super 🙂
    keep em coming, FTW 🙂

  15. Subhash says:

    Wow..Such a feel good post dude! 😀 I loved it. 🙂

  16. Nice musings on Bajaj Chetak, the historical intro was gr8 on Chetak. The sandwiched ride was permitted in olden days by cops nowerdays they give you a ticket Lolz

  17. tanvi22388 says:

    “She yelled, screamed and did a million other things simultaneously”…..seriously so mom-like!

    “That very moment, dad riding the Chetak, me hugging him tight and knowing that mom is right behind me holding me firmly, was a luxury.”…..awwwww

    “I wished to get more wounds often so that I could get “this” much more often.”….where does this innocence go as we grow up?

    This is such a sweet write up. I think every boy can relate to it completely ( ’cause, mostly boys get hurt so bad ). You have described the whole experience so vividly!

  18. Sunita Kurup says:

    while i am typing this comment Kishore.. i have tears in my eyes.. u made me miss my dad soooo much more.. ya we had a Chetak too… and my dad was a Maharana Pratap too 😀 😀

    • It was just a little try to rekindle some of our nostalgic memories Sunita 🙂 Thanks for reading 🙂

      Also, there’s a part-2 of this if you want to take a look 🙂 I hope you wouldn’t hate that as well 🙂 🙂

      Cheers !

  19. […] The Chetak Diaries – Part I, Year 1994 […]

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