… the last time I died !

the last time i died

... the last time I died !

Staring at the endless road on a sunny afternoon, I knew it was a journey I ought to travel ! Crowds passed and I almost felt invisible in that chaos !

I could feel the blood oozing out of my slit neck. It didn’t hurt as much as being neglected on a crowded road where people were getting disturbed, not by the man dying right in front of their eyes, but by an unwanted man taking up space on the road on a busy day !

It hurt me to realize that I wasn’t dead yet. But just then, someone lent me a hand to help. She was wearing whites as clean and clear as her eyes. Her lips matched the color of my blood ! I cannot recall much about her features because…well.. I was about to die you know !

Her whites now turned into shades of dark red. Even as my blood splattered all over her face, her face seemed like she was searching for something precious she had just lost ! I wondered if I already died and whether she was trying to find my soul !!! Yeah… something lame like that !!!

As she held my hand tight to lift me, I started changing my strange notions about Yamraj which was mainly influenced by TV serials and inane comic flicks. I wondered if the Ugly fat moustached Yamraj is no more and this stunner of a Yamrani has replaced him for the same post ! She’s her. She’s going to take me to heaven or hell or Uganda or whatever they call it !

This poor dying man was about to smile, but she dragged the dying man’s (which is me…!) hand and bent to take a cauliflower which was lying beside me. That’s when it struck me that she was more into that cauliflower than me ! She picked it up and left a dying man lying in the middle of a crowded road.

It again started to hurt me as I realized that I wasn’t dead yet !

By now, you would’ve realized that it was all a dream ! But my realization was due !

All I craved for was a connection between the real world and the dream. Haven’t you felt it ? You’re falling from a tall building or a mountain but just before you touch the ground, you get up with a strong thrust ! Or when you’re being chased by wolves or wolverines, you tend to be all sweaty when you’re back to the real world ! One time, I was eating a snake and when I woke up, I was chewing on my cell phone’s cable…!

All I wanted now was that connection. I am dying. There’s no cliff. There’s no snake. There are no wolves or wolverines. My subconscious knew I was getting late for office. There was no one else in the house to wake me up. I was all alone. All I wanted now was something to happen to me so that I can bloody get up and get ready for work.

But no, I saw nothing in that chaos that could be of my help. I struggled there, lying on the road. I hit my head on a boulder that was left there just next to me. I rapidly moved my limbs hoping for that one single connection.  That ray of hope. That mountain or that snake or wolves.

Just then. She came back. She now held a hanger in her tender hands. As I was about to wonder what the hell she was trying to do to me with that hanger, she poked me with it and pressed hard against my bleeding neck. It hurt more, but I loved the pain as that new-age Cinderella was causing it to me. But enough is enough, she’s trying to torture me. This is worse than the pain of dying. I struggled to resist her and tried to make myself free of that hanger. Oh, the bliss. I opened my eyes. I woke up !

The connection was successfully established. As I looked around, I held a hanger in my left hand. There was a bag full of vegetables next to me which I had purchased the previous night. There was a Cauliflower lying on the ground. It took me less than a few seconds to finally realize that I had fallen asleep on the bed with my shoes on, with my back pack lying next to me on one side. The bag with vegetables on the other. Helmet lying next to my pillow.

There you go… that was the last time I died !

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23 thoughts on “… the last time I died !

  1. Beautiful imagination! Beautifully written too. Can see some improvements also. The emoticons have all gone. Becoming a professional dude?

    Important question : Were you drunk that night?

  2. why most of your posts have blood/hosp/doctors?? do you imagine yourself as werewolf or are you simply a fascinated amateur psycho??

    Anyways I enjoy your complicatedly senseless stories !! So keep going until they ban you FINALLY 😛

  3. oh god nish !!! Fascinated Amateur Psycho !!! that’s worse than what I write 😛 Doesn’t make any sense at all !!!! 😀 😀

    Yes… thanks 😀 😀 Will keep writing !!! 😀 😀

    • lo, I want a like button to like Nishma’s comment!

      Nish, he is certainly not an amateur. All other things you told about him are spot on. 🙂 😀

      • yeah right… if there was a like button you wouldn’t have “COMMENTED” here saying that you liked nishma’s comment !!! This is more personal you know 😀

        anyway… nish is always right ! at least she likes to believe so 😛

  4. Veena Gopal says:

    Nicely written Nand :)…..quite creative with ur imagination 🙂 :)…..

    Oh yeah….many times I have felt and experienced horrible things…similar to falling from a tall building ……very often I do wake up with someone pushing me from the stairs…I am still trying to know the reason for that….:D….may b sometimes there is a connection with ur dream to the real world…..:)

    • Hey ! Thanks Veena 🙂 You’re being generous 🙂

      Yes… Dreams are pretty much random and weird most of the times… but somehow they have some entities which does make sense and are from your real world… something that has left a mark in your memory… or sometimes just a random thing or incident that you experience before going to sleep !

      Dreams are one area of Humanity that’s not explored at all and there are no solid and reliable explanations or studies !

      I do believe there is a connection… from the way I see it, dreams have a layer around it… and there will be a trigger in your dream that can wake you up… everything in the subconscious !!!

      Wow… I make no sense at all… But that’s how strange dreams are !

      I love to dream though ! 🙂

      • Veena Gopal says:

        U r so welcome and about being generous I think when it comes to commenting on ur blogs I wouldn’t mind being that…. :). U r absolutely right…the best thing about the dream is that moment when u r just awake and u don’t know the difference between the reality and ur dream….and u would love to believe that ur dream is reality….:D

        • … hahaa… sure Veena 🙂 You can actually be even more generous ! I don’t mind… 😉

          For me dreams are nothing more than your subconscious trying to have a chat with you in your own language… but at the same time trying to impose its point !!! That’s why we somehow tend to have that blissful realization of reality only after a few moments !

          I make no sense at all !!! I know… that’s because dreams are strange ! kinda out of range for someone with IQ like mine to understand 😉 😛

  5. bindu menon says:

    Unbelievable NandKishore !!! (No You are not a NandLaala for me this time) How can you dream about so much Blood and Gore .. Aww..too much of poking into the bloody wound of your neck by her..OUCH !!! that was too cruel of this woman, you address as Cindrella..:(

    I do get dreams of my death once in a while..but then it turns out to be pleasant one too..as I dream of me.. ending up as an ANGEL with pretty wings and a halo above my head..with my tresses floating in air..all dressed in white..looking serene and blissful, flying off to the snow clad mountains and waving at many of my beloveds.. I have left back on earth..waving and smiling at them, trying to touch and feel them..Now the only cause of despair is You and your Friend Pradeep..both of you dont smile back at me and hardly recognize me..Now that makes me sad.. (on a lighter note..dont take it seriously ..hehe:))

    So you see .. my dreams are very pleasant ones..absolutely no blood in it.. Hope Nand Kishore,You too will get only beautiful awesome dreams in future, the ones which will make you dance with joy and feel happy giving you immense delight in being alive,bringing an effervescent keeness in daily life..I wish you so..

    Next post..I expect you to be a typical prankster Nandlaala ..WOkkkay ?!?! :))

    • Hahaaa… Thank you Bindu ! 🙂

      Wanted to take a break from the Chetak Diaries… 🙂 Don’t worry… there’s one more with that..! you can expect a little less of blood there 😛

      Your dreams sounds so filmy 😛 You watch a lot of movies I guess… or those serials !!! 😛

      But gotta confess… Dreams are beyond the intellect of any mortal !

      Good that your dreams are pleasant… even mine are pleasant most of the times… Sometimes it can get messy 😛 When I don’t have a fan or a proper set of pillows 😉

      Don’t worry… will be back with the prankster Nandalala !!! 🙂 🙂

    • bindumenon says:

      Hello Nand Kishore
      Movies ? Hey no..My dreams have nothing to do with any movies I watch..which I rarely do..Such dreams come to me..may be coz I have dressed up as an angel many a times in those Christmas skits during my early School days..never ever missed a chance to be an Angel..I was a pet angel of our School Head Mistress Sister.Prescilla and Sister Roslyn ..so thats the reason behind my such a dream .. Movies dont influence my Life or dreams ..
      #Justsaid 🙂

      • Hey !!! Sorry Bindu. I didn’t intend to be insensitive !

        I actually got what you meant… was just trying to pull your legs 🙂

        Guess what… Movies have taken a major chunk of my life and it’s gonna continue… so pretty much everything that I write or say revolves around them !!! 🙂 🙂

        Big time movie freak ! 😛 😀 😀

  6. Jyoti Arora says:

    Never smiled so much while reading about someone dying! Very interesting post.

  7. Madhulika says:

    Very hilarious and of course very well expressed! 🙂

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