Moon Bites

Moon bites... on shore !

Moon bites... on shore !

They loved. They lost. They got married but not with each other. They spent 35 years of their family life with content. They were now back being alone. He sat on a bench facing the lake and stared at the moon which seemed like a quick stroke of light. It reminded him of his remaining life. At least the moon will re-gain its glory as the time passes. But he had lost his glorious days and now was alone. She stood thousands of kilometers away staring at the same moon. She knew she had achieved enough by making everyone around her comfortable to lead their own lives. It was now her life; and only her life. There was no one left for her to take care. She could finally have her own life now. The same moon reminded him of his remaining pitiful few days while she felt an uplifting spirit to lead a life of her own.

They had never stopped loving each other. They had somehow just forgotten about their love as their responsibilities had overshadowed that tiny flame in their hearts. But now, that spark was in the verge of setting those responsibilities on fire. They both longed for love at the end of their days.

“Are you kidding me?” she blurted out.

“No, I am serious. No one would care. It’s a market. They’re all busy bargaining. Just give me a quick peck; at least on my cheek. Come on. It’ll be so exciting” he pleaded with a wicked smile.

“I know it’ll get you excited. That’s what is worrying me, you idiot”

“Ok. Let me do it at least”

“Grab these bags and let’s leave. Aren’t you ashamed of making your girlfriend carry so much of baggage”

“Nah… I am trying to carry your stupid ego! It’s heavier”

“You’re already tired of my ego? You have to carry it for the rest of your life! Beware!!!” she teased.

“Are you expecting us to get married? Nah… I am not as stupid as you” he shot back with the same wicked smile.

“Who spoke of marriage? I am just telling you will have to carry my ego for the rest of your life. If we get married you’ll repent forever. If you don’t you might repent not just excruciatingly more but also carry the guilt of giving up on me! Now shut up and carry these bags. My hands might fall off”

Although 35 years had passed ever since, both of them remembered every bit of that conversation. It played like a nostalgic movie in black and white in their mind as both of them stared at the same moon on the same night.

She wondered if she can call up some old contacts and try to reach him. It wouldn’t have been that difficult to find about someone like him. She had voluntarily severed all sort of social ties of their lives. She loved him too much to manage to let him walk away again.

At this side of the moon, he was wondering how it would have felt to have her right beside him at this very moment. His senses still lingered every bit of her. He remembered how she smelt. He could remember how her touch felt. The way she breathed. He remembered the way her hair romanced her eyes, and sometimes his eyes. He remembered her favorite dress. He knew she wouldn’t have changed. He knew that no amount of wrinkles can hide those sparkling eyes. He knew the color of the hair wouldn’t weaken their urge to romance those eyes. He knew her age wouldn’t have managed to take away her natural aroma. He knew she might not fit into her old favorite dress anymore but she would have a new favorite dress.

“You’ve gone fat. Stop eating” he teased her as she took an insanely huge bite of a burger.

“Do you hear yourself and can you at least see yourself?” she said casually without taking her eyes off the burger.

“I have always been this way, although I keep fluctuating. But look at your flab. Don’t ask me to buy you new cloths” he quipped.

“Yeah right!!! As if you have bought me any. I am just trying to match your size. What if guys start flirting and I get tempted? I might as well put on more weight to ward off those horny eyes!!!” she mumbled as she munched the French fries.

“Ha haa… You’re so funny. I will dump you when you get fat!” he said sarcastically.

“Great!!! I have had enough of you in these 6 years. Now I am surely going to order more of these burgers with extra cheese!!!” she said with subtle laughter.

Clouds gathered around the moon and it was now hardly visible. She just stood there sipping on a cup of coffee. He had always made fun of her habit of drinking coffee before going to bed. He never missed a chance to tease her to ask if that cup of coffee was to energize her in the bed. With a grin she went inside and shut the drapes. She dimmed the lights and wondered what she could possibly do to lead a life she always wished for. Either she had forgotten that she was nearing 60 or she didn’t really give a damn. Her cell phone started vibrating. It was an unknown number. She wanted it to be him but for a quick moment which felt like hours, she thought what she could possibly speak to him after so many years!

“Hello..?” she said curiously.

After an elaborate pause came a voice “Hi… Hey… This is…”

“I was just thinking about you”

“Oh is it? How come? How did you know I would call?” he asked with a little sarcasm and mostly surprised.

“No I didn’t expect your call. I was just thinking about you. I just finished my coffee and was on my way to crawl into my bed” she said bluntly expecting him to make that coffee joke!

“Oh your husband needs your energized version is it?”

“Aren’t you too old to make a stupid joke like that?”

“Aren’t we both too old to repeat this conversation for a millionth time?”

“It’s been more than 35 years. Why did you call now?” she choked as her voice came out.

“At least I cared to call”

“Of course you would care. After all, caring for someone else actually starts at around the age of 60 for men!” she shot back.

“That’s all they’ll be left with to do. Nothing else would be as firm as caring”

“Stop being vulgar with a lady at this odd hour”

“You’re a lady now?”

“I was always one”

“Ladies don’t kiss guys in a market in front of hundreds of people” he said with a wicked tone to tease her.

“I didn’t kiss ‘any’ guys. I kissed you”

“Of course you would. I was quite hot then..!”

“I know you were. Your stink wasn’t really hiding your heat”

“Oh you’re still a pig”

“Aren’t we both?”

“You didn’t answer me when I asked if your husband needs your energized version. Hope I am not draining out your energy”

“I can make another cup of coffee for myself” she said with a sharp voice.

“You didn’t answer me”

“You are trying to hit on me?”

“Nah, I am just trying to hit you” he giggled.

“It’s too late for this you know”

“Oh, you are sleepy?”

“I am not. But you slept for 35 years.”

“It was a mutual decision. Wasn’t it?”

“Was it? For me it was more like one’s decision and another’s agreement to that decision”

“We have matured way too much to argue on that now” he shrugged.

“We are speaking like the same couple who fought as to who would carry the baggage in the market. It doesn’t feel like we haven’t spoken for decades.”

“Haha… I know” he giggled but she quickly added in a serious tone.

“We would have been great if we had spent our lives together. Instead we just spent it”

“That’s why I called. I had tracked you down months ago. It took me all this while to gather myself to call you”

“That’s probably because it’s your birthday today and you’re too drunk”

“In my medical condition, even spelling a-l-c-o-h-o-l is deadly”

“So you called to say sorry?” she groaned as her pitch peaked to its highest but settled down in an instant.

“Why should I say sorry? If anyone needs to be sorry then it’s got to be both of us or none” he shot back with his most serious tone.

“I was sorry back then itself. I was waiting for you to be sorry but as it turns out, it’s my turn again. Sorry but I have to get back to bed. I have a flight early tomorrow”

“I am sorry.”

“I wasn’t lying about the flight. I really have one”

“… and I wasn’t lying when I said I am sorry” he swallowed a nervous gulp to ease his choked throat.

“I know.”

“I might not be able to call you again. It took me a lot of courage to do this now. I will probably succumb to the nervousness next time” he confessed.

“I know.”

“Stop doing that. You’re just as annoying as before”

“And you’re just as late as before”

“Am I really that late?” he asked with the last hope.

“Probably not, but I have responsibilities now. My grand kids need me. It’s their first day at school tomorrow and I need to be there”

“Do you ‘want’ to be there or you just ‘need’ to be there?”

“Did you want to keep up your responsibilities back then or did you just NEED to keep up those?”

“Don’t be rude”

“Wound is fresh you know”

“We both needed it back then”

“But I changed my decision immediately after that, you were stubborn. You didn’t even try”

“We tried for two years. It was too late to change our decisions”

“Its 35 years more now… what makes you think it’s not late now?”

“Probably because it’s way too late for the time to matter”

“Your theories still doesn’t make any sense”

“Can we at least meet?”

“What do you mean ‘at least’? You haven’t yet asked for anything more. Why did you say ‘at least’?”

“Do I have to ask?”

“Yes. I have forgotten to read your mind with years. I can hardly read. Reading minds is out of question” she said, again with blunt sarcasm.

“Can I hope for this conversation to go anywhere?”

“Why do you leave everything to hope?”

“My god. You know how to hurt don’t you?”

“I haven’t loved anyone enough in a while to hurt this much. Probably this is more like a volcanic eruption”

“You haven’t..?” he asked with a tiny ray of hope again.

“No. I was drained even before I was required to Love after marriage. Sometimes responsibilities and honor can replace Love. Arguably even more effectively”

“What about now?”

“Age for my ‘wants’ have long gone. I am here for my grand kids now” she said. While she spoke those words she burst out with tears for being dishonest to herself. It was one of those rare moments when it was all about her but she just tried and pushed it away as someone else’s. In that dark room, her tears somehow managed to gloom. Her hands trembled as she wanted to ask him to come and meet her right this moment. She just wanted him, just him and an embrace she longed for years now. A hug would have compensated for 35 years of life spent for the sake of responsibilities but not love.

“But we have finally crossed that age when we are needed by someone else. Your grand kids have their parents. Don’t they? We have just each other. Let’s elope”

“And go where? To an old-age home?”

“I am rich! That’s all I am!!!”

“Of course you are!” she said with a tired expression.

“Brushing off your sarcasm again, we can have the life we dreamed of. Can’t you at least think about it for a while? You can have my number. Call me whenever you feel it’s the right time. All I am left with to do is wait” he said. He decided it would be his last try and gave his number. He didn’t check if she was noting down his number, but he didn’t try too hard. He understood what she meant when she said it was too late. But he had to try. Thirty-five years ago when they decided to break-up, the conversation ended with a sad smile. This last try was to keep up his last promise. He still remembered that last conversation.

“So we are now not going to meet ever again is it?” she asked as she grabbed that last tissue on the table.

“Let’s make a pact. When I am 60, I will contact you. We can just elope then and have a life somewhere in the world away from everyone we know.”

“Good way of telling that you give a damn what happens to me for the next 35 years”

“Don’t make this more difficult”

“I will” she said as she pulled out her hand from his.

“Expect a call on my 60th birthday”

“I hope you die before that” she was back to her brutal sarcasm.

“… and I hope your family would have succumbed to your brutality before my 60th birthday so that you can elope with me without any hurdles” he added with a quick smile which obviously looked like a failed attempt to make her smile.

Her heavy breathing brought him back to the present moment. There he was, keeping up his silly promise to try for one last time on his 60th birthday. She didn’t answer. After a pause that probably felt longer than those 35 years, she gathered herself and spoke.

“I really need to get my cup of coffee now. Good night”

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63 thoughts on “Moon Bites

  1. Komal Kaur says:

    Oh my dear god! I cried and smiled endlessly and now I am still filled with tears!!! Touching and real.

  2. Nagashri says:

    U rock tamma….simply superb….!!!!

  3. Smitha says:


    Its your BEST so far in my opinion 🙂 One of the best love stories I have read so far!

  4. Dipankar says:

    Riveting ! This needs more exposure than just a blog post man. I better make friends with you. You will be a celebrated author one day. The best part is the simplicity. I’m your fan now.

    • Thank you Dipankar 🙂 Thanks for reading…

      You are being very kind… More than the medium or the exposure, I will be very glad if the message is conveyed at least to any one reader !

  5. Tribul says:

    Beautifully written. I never read blogs but my friend shared this link and I just thought I will steal a look. After the first paragraph I was caught up with the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are absolutely a gifted writer. Narration at its best. Please tell me it’s fiction.


  6. Shashank Shekhar says:

    Your best work so far..simple..and effective..strikes chords with people reading it..

  7. m@ds says:

    Loved it!! “The conversation” is nostalgic for me.. I have had that conversation and I can still remember every detail. Thanks for a great read!

  8. Rachana says:

    This is the best piece of writing I have come across recently in the web! The author deserves an applause!!

    Hats off for the author for capturing such delicate moments so intricately in this story. Never before have my eyes gone moist so quickly by reading something

  9. Sam says:

    Very good……………………….. the way they speak is real and hilarius very entertaning

  10. rajiv says:

    kya baat hai!!!! movie to mast banegi iski

  11. I had tears in my eyes while reading it.Its so beautiful.You are a great story teller Kishore!! Keep it up!!

  12. thomas says:

    yo dude! clicled the link wit no intention to read maaaaan bt wen i saw the cover pictur u had my full atention………… awsom it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iwouldn’t say i cried like the most here but i hada small drop floating at the corner of my eyeeee… congrats for writin so awsom post………….. again… great post

  13. Soumya B says:

    Hello ki-shore..
    u have got a very good power of imagination and u pen it down with the same crazy feel..
    A wonderful story. U have decorated the story with the moon.. cup of coffee.. ahh.. so beautiful :))
    and keep writing :))
    thank u 🙂

  14. karthik says:

    I already see many comments saying “this is your best “. I am sure readers would end up writing this every now and then.

  15. kiran says:

    fantastic write up nand kishore..

  16. Tarun Chengappa says:

    A story with intrigue and human emotions on a roller coaster ride. Work of a genius. Thanks for an enjoyable read.. 🙂

  17. Rupa says:

    ooh man u know how to make your readers cry and not that anyone’s complaining its one of those times when crying is ok 🙂 loved every bit of it… Loads of kisses.. Muah:)

  18. Parag says:

    will she call him or not ? I am going mad…

  19. Rahul Biswas says:

    Neat!!Really neat!!!!:-)

  20. Sahil Kanwar says:

    Stunning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was skeptical to read when i saw the scroll bar… Only later did i realise its the comments and awesome feedback that has taken the space…….. and loved your blog Kishore.. The name.. Banner.. Posters.. Widgets.. You seem to be a pro in this.. You should do this more often…………. This story has some awesome punches……… Original lines.. 🙂

  21. Lakshmi says:

    read it twice and commenting before i go ahead and read it the third time 🙂

  22. Itz a grt work,.. May be with time u can b a polished writer 🙂

  23. Sahana Rao says:

    You know what? I had started reading this yesterday evening, before I left my office. I had to leave urgently. I was waiting to come back to read what happens next. The moon had bitten me too 😀
    Let me tell you what I felt.
    Positives first
    1) Clutching story line
    2) Simple Language
    3) Emotions wonderfully captured.
    What you can think about is
    1) Sometimes, sentences seemed to repeat and that may cause boredom
    2) The post is a bit long.

    • Hahaa… Thank you Sahana… I am very glad you remembered to continue reading it 🙂 🙂

      … and thank you so much for the feedback.. 🙂 You are absolutely right…. Only after publishing I caught a glimpse at the scroll-bar 🙂 To be very frank, if this was someone else’s blog the size of the scroll-bar would have scared me away 😀 I will make sure to review what I write and try to edit the content as much as possible 🙂

      Also, I have a weakness with words. I tend to somehow forget my diction when I write ! 😛 That should explain the repeated sentences 🙂 I am working on this

      Again, thank you so very much for your feedback… It really helped 🙂

  24. bindu menon says:

    Mind blowing !! Read it with great interest..made me very emotional..cant imagine a separation whatever be the age and days put in a married Life..Whenever I read or come to know about a couple separating..My mind is troubled thinking what makes the couple go separate ways in their lives? is it..Boredom, selfishness, a need for freedom from domestic and marital woes, Irresponsibility towards kids and family, adjustment problems, varied Likes and Dislikes (sometimes for very silly reason like selection of Watching of Episodes and Serials on Television too) ? Reasons can be many..Realization dawns upon these separated couples when the stage of old age strikes ..the longings for the same partner arises in mind..cravings for that loving touch (which became loathsome & irritating in a few years after marriage) But then why did they separate at all..a question which keeps on reverberating in their minds..Where did the true love disappear ? buried under the loads of responsibility and troubles of Married Life ?

    May never a couple separate in LIFE..once Pronounced Husband and Wife..Let both of them be and stay together for Eternity..Some times Things dont work smoothly..Give Space to each other..Understand and Adjust ..Carry on..LIFE becomes a Lovely Journey..A Journey called.. Married LIFE :))

    Fantastic Nand Kishore ! Moon Bites was really very touching..As usual I had tears in my eyes ! Thank you for making us read this lovely story ! Here I am with a long comment as usual..hehe :)) Please dont Mind ..

    • Hey !!! Hi Bindu !!! 🙂 I was waiting for your comment this time 🙂 You are late 😉

      … and Thanks again ! I do agree with most of your opinion… with a few exceptions though 🙂 When a couple, who are seriously committed in their relationship, break-up…. it could have either one or a million reasons… it is very difficult for someone else to judge if they were right or wrong ! Obviously they would have thought of every possible consequence…

      Also, the protagonists in this story were never married to each other… they were together for probably around 6 years… then the destiny struck!

      Its always a pleasure to read your comments… and I would always love it if they are long and elaborate 🙂

      Thanks again 🙂

      • bindu menon says:

        Oh yes..How did I miss out on that..The couple in your story were not married to each other..My comments were for the ones who get married and are committed for life and then get separated .. and yes as you say they have the reasons of their own and they know better..

        About being late to comment..I depend on our dear friend Pradeep Shetty to send me a link to your post via twitter..As soon as I got it..I took out time in between my Diwali Rush of office works and read it..that was also the reason behind my misunderstanding the protagonists here being married to each other..Will try to post a comment the very first next time..After all I am a great fan of your style of writing.. NandLaala Kishor !..:)

  25. Nikhil Bhatt says:

    Hey Kishore,

    First off, loved the narration and the way you blended the past with the present. A pretty neat work..but I am more curious than that!

    What made you write it? Have you come across something or someone like it in real?! I know you have left it to the imagination of the readers, but I guess I am trying to pry more!!

    Just goes to show the effect your story has! Kudos and keep writing..! Would love to follow this and know what happens in a sequel..if its coming! Do consider…!

    • Hi Nikhil !!!

      I am very glad you read this 🙂 Thanks 🙂

      About your curiosity, this was something that just crossed my mind ! Pretty much like one of those “what-if…” thoughts 🙂

      I would rather leave the sequel open to interpretation for the readers to come up with 🙂 Even I don’t know what would happen next… 😛 😉

      Cheers !

  26. PencilGirl says:

    This was a beautiful story.. 🙂
    I particularly loved how the depth of emotion is hidden behind simple words and easy conversation. Not an overly mushy romance, but much more real for it.
    Just a tip, you sometimes seem to repeat yourself while writing. Happens to me too, especially when I’m totally into whatever I want to write.. But reading it once more before hitting publish usually helps me to edit out any such repetitions You’re pretty awesome writer, so I guess it makes sense for you to get it closer to perfect. 🙂 🙂
    Oh! And I love how you left the ending open.. I can now imagine that she does call him back and that they live happily ever after. 😀 (Though I’m not sure if that’s what you intended. That Goodnight sounds like Goodbye sometimes.. 😐 Hmm..)

    • Hey !!! Helloooo Pencil Girl 🙂 🙂

      Thank you so very much for reading and leaving such a beautiful feedback 🙂 It really means a lot !

      One of my friends asked me why wouldn’t I try writing a love story and this is the max-romantic I could get…. I am quite anti-romantic 😉 That explains why it didn’t end up being too mushy ! It kinda worked for me I guess 😀

      You are absolutely right about the repetition ! I noticed it after a day when I was reading it again ! I didn’t even care to read it once after writing !!! 😛 I have used a few expressions more than 2 times and some sentences several times !!!!! Except one though… One particular sentence I used it again intentionally… 🙂

      I left it open because I didn’t see it as an ending ! 🙂 To be very frank… I don’t know if I would have written it as a happy ending or a sad one… For me, it would just go on and on forever… so left it there 🙂

      Thanks again for reading 🙂

      Cheers !

  27. Sudev says:

    man, such an improvement!
    Good going…. like it (for sure 😀 )

  28. Mrudula says:

    Scope left for a sequel!! good one.. loved reading it.. 🙂 Well is this exaggeration of reality!!?! what is the inspiration behind this?!..

    • hey thanks mrudula 🙂 to answer you…. i would just say… anything is fiction if you don’t know if it has happened or not… and anything is real if you think it could possibly happen somewhere out there 😛 😉 that was my inspiration !!!! kya samjhe 😛

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