My Name is Kishore and I am not Anna !

Anna Hazare says his next mass movement would be for introducing “Right to Recall” in the Electoral System in Indian Democracy.

In different news, an idiot poured insecticide into a bowl full of milk to kill an insect which was happily taking a swim.

Coming back to Anna Hazare, well, please go ahead Sir. There are thousands of followers who will strongly support you.

About the bowl of milk, there are reports that it’s lying uselessly on the table. The same idiot savior will now go down History as the person who valiantly killed the insect in that bowl of milk.

By the way, apologies for the mix-up in news!!!

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12 thoughts on “My Name is Kishore and I am not Anna !

  1. Karan says:

    what is wrong with Right to Recall? Do you have any reasons?

  2. priya kumar says:

    i actually agree with you. it has become a trend to follow anna hazare blindly no matter what he says. all news channels have made him a sarkar in his own capacity. he has some good initiatives to curb corruption but that doesn’t mean he can dictate terms to constitutional bodies to bend their ways of functioning. right to recall will destroy stability in the country. at least whatever is left of it. i liked your satire.

    • Karan says:

      I am sorry to say, but he is not trying to dictate terms…….. He is trying to bring reforms and yes… I follow Anna blindly because i have faith in him !!!! He won’t mislead us

    • Hey ! Hi Priya… Thanks for reading…

      I am not really against Anna Hazare as such… But, its about a few ideas that he’s trying to force into his followers’ minds that scares me. It can destabilize what’s left of stability !!!

      Media needed a hero and they have portrayed him as one !

  3. Apt way to put forth your thought.You couldn’t find a better and simpler comparison.Loved your satire!

  4. PencilGirl says:

    I’m so with you on this one.. It annoys me how everyone in India goes gaga over Anna Hazare without ever trying to understand what he’s saying. Even my best friend goes “The media is trying to taint this guy because he wants to do good.” 😡 😡
    He might well want to do good, but his methods don’t make any sense at all..
    About your post, absolutely amazing way to get your point across.. 😀 😀

  5. Don’t dare to say anything about Anna Hazare !! All rights are mine..:)
    As someone rightly said, Anna Hazare is the step-father of the nation..:P

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