Dr. Bhupen Hazarika – A Legend!

A Legend

There are very few voices which emerge from the beats of the heart!!! The thump that it leaves when it stops beating forever is what I just experienced when I heard today that Dr. Bhupen Hazarika has, in fact become a legend and completed his journey as a mortal!

When the songs of Rudaali played in Rangoli on Doordarshan, I loved it for its sheer tune! My father was the one to let me know about Bhupen Hazarika, the Singer. I was left with no option but to watch him sing at the musical concerts that played in Doordarshan at the National Musical Congregation which was telecast live. My father, being his ardent fan, never let me change the channel(although there was just one more channel to see back then…! DD and DD Metro). Those were the times when I was forced to listen to his music, but then, when I look back, I was glad I lived at the times when I could watch him perform live.

Being an Assamese folk singer, he never restricted himself to any particular genre of music. His genre varied from films to pop, from folk to classical and even English songs. The sheer brilliance of his baritone voice made the words that were expressed in his music, gems.

I do confess that I was not an ardent fan as my dad, but having heard his “Dil hoom hoom karein…” or “Ganga behti ho kyun…“, I was aware of the kind of Legend he is, rather he was.

Very few voices can cross the barriers of generations with their music. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s was definitely one of them.

An irreplaceable loss to the world of Music and Art.

“… ek boond kabhi paani ki… morey akhiyon se barsaayein…

dil hoom hoom karein… ghabrayein…”

Photograph credit: The Hindu.

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7 thoughts on “Dr. Bhupen Hazarika – A Legend!

  1. Veena Gopal says:

    truly a great singer…with unique voice.

  2. A tribute to the legend . Nicely written

  3. Neha Sharma says:

    Bhupen Hazarika will ever be remembered for his unique folklore gems spilled over Assamese, Bengali n Hindi languages. A great loss indeed!!!

  4. My Last Tribute to the “Dr. Bhupen Hazarika – A Legend !!!”

  5. Subhash says:

    R.I.P 😦 a true legend..

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