My Vows… on Shore !

Born in the land of Nautanki, where everything “noble” has to follow a set of vows, here are my vows to live my life in this Virtual World !!! (I exaggerate… I know !)

  • I, Nand Kishore G, promise the web world that I will always  come up with an opinion on every damn event/non-event that happens around in this galaxy irrespective of my level of knowledge on the same.
  • I swear to stay stubborn and stick to my view expressed in the blog even though I am dumb-fcukingly mistaken.
  • I will always concentrate on the comments that don’t trash my blog and will make sure that I trash the rest before it trashes my ego.
  • I will use as many swear words as possible to increase the “youth-quotient” and to express my view in an effective way; also, I swear to be innovative at that (which I have already started with “dumn-fuckingly”… oh wait… sorry for the typo…I meant “dumb-fcukingly” ).
  • I will include as many useless/senseless/worthless/topless topics and personal details in my blog as possible without allowing myself to be trashed in public (for which I will make sure at least a couple of the “regular readers” get offended… or at least a couple of “readers”… or forget… at least a “visitor”).
  • The most important of all the vows, I will bloody make sure I portray myself as my own cool contradictory self which I am so soooo NOT in my real life so that at least people will like me in the Virtual world.
  • Oh wait.. those were the only vows I could come up with.
  • No No… Wait… Here’s another one, which I am not very sure fits into the context ! I will make sure I edit this post and change the vows if I happen to break any of them !

Having said that, Let me again swear on my blogging “Skills” that I will kinda try to stick to these vows… If not… well… I’ll do something about it ! 😛

3 thoughts on “My Vows… on Shore !

  1. you are right btw… you do exaggerate ! a LOT !

  2. lol….very cool!


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