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Lascivious Clouds !

Lascivious Clouds

On a dark night, the moon strayed into a starry space, as she made her way through the lascivious clouds. Those clouds kept throwing themselves on her, but she kept going. She knew her only way out would be daylight. She wished for the sun to rise early today so that she could rest a while before her next night’s venture. She knew she had lost a part of her existence today and tomorrow she would get smaller. But, it would all get over in a few nights and she would just disappear into the starry night. A new moon would appear after her and she would meet the same fate as hers.

“Am I like that moon, dear?” she asked him as she kept staring at the bright moon on that starry night. She wondered what the moon would be going through with so many clouds, all of them pounding on it. She had a strange sense of identifying herself with that helpless moon.

“Of course darling, you are more gorgeous than that moon” he whispered in her ears as he caressed his hands on her hair to brush it aside. He could now see her wide eyes and an image of himself in them. The corners of her eyes also had an image of the moon and those ruthless clouds hovering on the brilliantly luminous moon.

“You’re just saying that to finish and get out of here early. And moreover, I don’t want to be as gorgeous as the moon. Something that beautiful can be of any use only at nights, like me” she blurted out, but mildly as she turned away from him on the bed.

“What are you saying..?”

“I think I am like that moon”

“Yes you are, my dear” he said without knowing what she was going at.

“You don’t understand. I am trapped. I am used only at nights. Is it because I am that beautiful? I want to have a life with you in broad daylight, just the way your wife does”

“You’re going mad” he yelled and got out of the bed to get dressed, ready to leave.

As he walked out of the door, she continued staring at the gangs of lascivious clouds which ravaged on the moon, but that helpless moon kept moving.

Days passed and she kept asking every person she met if they can treat her like the “sun” in their lives and not as a “moon”. Not surprisingly, she got nothing more than violent slaps, doors being shut on her face, strangled hands and slimy spits on her helpless eyes. Until, him.

He heard every word what she had to say. He made promises. He made her smile. He made her start liking her life again. He made her like the moon again. He made her like the clouds again. He convinced her that those clouds were not hurting the moon, but romancing the moon in those starry nights.

It was a night of new moon. Clouds kept wandering, searching for their luminous dear moon. Not many stars were gleaming that night. He entered the room to find it deserted. Drapes from the windows flew vehemently. He longed for that luminous smile behind those flowing darkness.

On that fateful new moon night, the moon  from this room also had somehow disappeared, forever.

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