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… the last time I died !

the last time i died

... the last time I died !

Staring at the endless road on a sunny afternoon, I knew it was a journey I ought to travel ! Crowds passed and I almost felt invisible in that chaos !

I could feel the blood oozing out of my slit neck. It didn’t hurt as much as being neglected on a crowded road where people were getting disturbed, not by the man dying right in front of their eyes, but by an unwanted man taking up space on the road on a busy day !

It hurt me to realize that I wasn’t dead yet. But just then, someone lent me a hand to help. She was wearing whites as clean and clear as her eyes. Her lips matched the color of my blood ! I cannot recall much about her features because…well.. I was about to die you know !

Her whites now turned into shades of dark red. Even as my blood splattered all over her face, her face seemed like she was searching for something precious she had just lost ! I wondered if I already died and whether she was trying to find my soul !!! Yeah… something lame like that !!!

As she held my hand tight to lift me, I started changing my strange notions about Yamraj which was mainly influenced by TV serials and inane comic flicks. I wondered if the Ugly fat moustached Yamraj is no more and this stunner of a Yamrani has replaced him for the same post ! She’s her. She’s going to take me to heaven or hell or Uganda or whatever they call it !

This poor dying man was about to smile, but she dragged the dying man’s (which is me…!) hand and bent to take a cauliflower which was lying beside me. That’s when it struck me that she was more into that cauliflower than me ! She picked it up and left a dying man lying in the middle of a crowded road.

It again started to hurt me as I realized that I wasn’t dead yet !

By now, you would’ve realized that it was all a dream ! But my realization was due !

All I craved for was a connection between the real world and the dream. Haven’t you felt it ? You’re falling from a tall building or a mountain but just before you touch the ground, you get up with a strong thrust ! Or when you’re being chased by wolves or wolverines, you tend to be all sweaty when you’re back to the real world ! One time, I was eating a snake and when I woke up, I was chewing on my cell phone’s cable…!

All I wanted now was that connection. I am dying. There’s no cliff. There’s no snake. There are no wolves or wolverines. My subconscious knew I was getting late for office. There was no one else in the house to wake me up. I was all alone. All I wanted now was something to happen to me so that I can bloody get up and get ready for work.

But no, I saw nothing in that chaos that could be of my help. I struggled there, lying on the road. I hit my head on a boulder that was left there just next to me. I rapidly moved my limbs hoping for that one single connection.  That ray of hope. That mountain or that snake or wolves.

Just then. She came back. She now held a hanger in her tender hands. As I was about to wonder what the hell she was trying to do to me with that hanger, she poked me with it and pressed hard against my bleeding neck. It hurt more, but I loved the pain as that new-age Cinderella was causing it to me. But enough is enough, she’s trying to torture me. This is worse than the pain of dying. I struggled to resist her and tried to make myself free of that hanger. Oh, the bliss. I opened my eyes. I woke up !

The connection was successfully established. As I looked around, I held a hanger in my left hand. There was a bag full of vegetables next to me which I had purchased the previous night. There was a Cauliflower lying on the ground. It took me less than a few seconds to finally realize that I had fallen asleep on the bed with my shoes on, with my back pack lying next to me on one side. The bag with vegetables on the other. Helmet lying next to my pillow.

There you go… that was the last time I died !

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Black & White or Blackened White !

Blackened White !

Colors… Primarily Black and White have always fascinated me ! Specifically Black has always had a special fondness, may be because I look less bulky in Black ! But, I somehow love the Color Black in whatever I opt, with a few obvious exceptions ! 😉 My subconscious just works in Darkness I suppose, that should explain all the dark deeds.

There’s a popular cliche which says, No one is born a Criminal, He/She chooses to become one ! No wonder its a cliche, because it makes sense ! Also what makes more sense is that, Black is always associated with something Bad, Rustic, Unfortunate, Evil and incessantly, Death ! But also, Black has always maintained a special place for Temptations !!! Darkness always tempts ! Nights, Chocolates, Black Cars to mention a very few.

But then again, White hasn’t really been throwing itself upon us, but we ourselves choose it for a more subtle and lasting impressions ! Everything we start, will be pure and white; and usually when it ends, it will be as dark as Black ! You think its Not ? Well, the word Exceptions is there in the Dictionary for a reason 🙂 Isn’t it ?

One of my friend asked me what the hell am I writing in Blogs. Its just some random insane thoughts ! But then, what else would you call Blogging ?

The reason I had this flow of thoughts is because I heard someone say “he is so evil ! He’s like the Dark Lord !” about one of my friends ! I just wondered, if a person as good as him can be called a Dark Lord, then I guess, Being Black or White is just subjective ! Its almost always about Blackened White !

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